4 Steps to Affordable SEO for Small Business

4 Steps to Affordable SEO for Small Business

affordable seo for small businessIn order to perform affordable SEO for your small business, you need to get clear on a few things first before you even think about creating a web presence.

If you don’t do at least these four things, don’t even bother calling any kind of reputable small business SEO company…it’ll just be a waste of money and more importantly, a waste of your time and theirs.

1. Get Clear on Your Business Objectives

If you think for a moment about what the real purpose is behind your website, this will help you to understand exactly how to properly optimize it.

In doing so, you may want to ask yourself the following questions about your business and your website:

  • Is my website used to sell products?
  • Is my website to highlight the products that I sell but not to actually sell them (like an online brochure)?
  • Is my website designed to generate leads via phone calls?
  • Is my website supposed to capture e-mail addresses for me to follow-up on?
  • What role will my website play in communicating my overall business objectives?
  • What truly is the main purpose of my website?

2. What Keywords Would Your Potential Customers Type into the Google Box

Once you’ve established what your real business objectives are, then determine what words or combination of words would your ideal customer punch into the search box to find me because I have the solution that’s best to solve their problem.

  • You may ask yourself this question:

“If I were looking for me and my company online, what would I enter into the Google search box?”

Ask yourself this question and create a rough draft list.

if you can’t think of anything, check your pulse for signs of life…then ask somebody else.

Search terms or search engine keywords as they’re called, form the foundation for any SEO small business campaign, affordable or otherwise.

For example, if you are a local business,  a great way to uncover your potential customer is the use of local search terms, i.e. “keyword + location”.

Such search terms as: “Dentist New Bedford” would qualify as a local search term.

If you’ve had a website for a while, one of the best things to figure out how people are finding you currently is to look in your server logs or your analytics to see how existing searchers are finding your website.

3. Determine What Drives Your Small Business Economic Engine

Now that you’ve determined what search terms people may find you for, when they do find you using the search terms, what is each potential customer worth to you?

This is the biggest determining factor for small businesses to best perform economical SEO.

Let’s say you’re an attorney, and for every individual who contacts you for your website is worth$15,000 in revenue for your business, it makes sense to budget a larger amount for search engine optimization services.

However, if  your typical customer is worth only $50, then you’ll need to budget accordingly. This is where economical SEO for small business is especially vital.

The bottom line is that if your customer is worth more to you, then search engine optimization budgets should be accordingly larger. Regardless, there is always a way to do economical SEO for any small business. You can always do it yourself by learning how to do SEO yourself, or you can hire a professional firm but specializes in affordable seo for small business.

SEO for Small Business Can Be Done Economically

Regardless, you’ll need to be clear on the above three points in order for any local SEO strategy to work effectively.

If you’re new SEO, all this might seem a little scary, however the rewards of having a fully optimized website ranking highly for specific and targeted search terms your customers are searching for are very substantial.

So before you venture down the path for local search engine optimization, make sure you are clear on what your business objectives are, then align those business objectives with your website strategy, pick search terms your customers are searching for which ultimately will drive sales of your products and services.

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