5 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes Guaranteed To Flush Your Rankings Down The Toilet

search engine optimization mistakes

Make these search engine optimization mistakes and risk being flushed down the toilet.

Even the best SEO experts make tons of search engine optimization mistakes.


So if you’ve made some SEO mistakes in your time, don’t be alarmed. It could happen to anyone.


Maybe you are an aspiring internet marketer that has devoted the past 6 months to ranking #1 in Google for a competitive search term.


Or maybe you are the marketing director of a multimillion dollar company that, after spending thousands of dollars, has finally achieved those coveted 1st page rankings.


Your website is in the top spot and the dollars are flowing in.  Your boss is happy.  Your children love you.  Your lost dog suddenly reappears.  Life is good at the top!


The question now is – how can I maintain my rankings?


Well folks, that is a difficult question to fully answer over the course of just one blog post.  However there are most certainly some things you must avoid-or risk flushing all those hard earned rankings down the toilet.

The 5 Biggest Search Engine Optimization Mistakes


Here are the top 5 search engine optimization mistakes – five ways that will you’ll be able to flush your Google rankings down the toilet faster than you can say “Sergey Brin”.


1. Paying for and selling links


Negotiating for links is a major boo-boo in the world of SEO.    Google instantly notices this type of behavior.  You can’t get away with it so don’t even try it.  The Big G will crush you, destroy you and flush whatever remains of you down the toilet.


2. Keyword stuffing


Keyword stuffing is the practice of inserting way too many keywords than makes sense into a web page.  This used to work when the internet was in its infancy.  Today – not so much.  Overindulging in keywords when writing is a sure fire way to create a septic backup of lousy search engine rankings.


3. Cloaking


Cloaking is the practice of showing the search bots one thing, and showing human visitors another.  If you cloak, you will plunge.


4. Creating door way pages


Folks who build door way pages set up a page entirely for the search engines.  A door way page is full of identical keyword terms causing visitors to have to click through the mess to find what they want.  Aside from being annoying this action will cause Google frequent heartburn, indigestion and ultimately a big giant FLUSH.


5. Link exchanges


Entering into a link exchange is risky business.  What you are basically getting are a bunch of irrelevant links to random, often spammy or banned sites.  Down the drain you go.


Achieving lasting, 1st page rankings is the goal of any search engine optimization campaign.  Unless you want to get flushed down the toilet, do yourself a favor and stay away from these deadly search engine optimization mistakes.

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