Affordable SEO for Small Business | Getting Super Creative with Video

affordable search engine optimization for small business

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When you are launching a small business, margins are usually pretty tight.  Time, energy and finances are tied up, leaving the new business owner with little wiggle room.  With not much money floating around for a full blown search engine optimization plan this can be a stressful time for the new business owner.  However this moment in a new business’ life can also be extremely exciting .

I think that one of the most exciting parts of launching a business on a next to nothing budget is getting as creative as possible with an affordable online marketing and SEO plan.  What you don’t have in funding you can make up for in uniqueness and creativity.

One of the best ways to get some instant traffic to your website, at not cost to you the business owner, is to create something so awesome and unique that people spread your message for you – giving your website some much needed SEO linkage and search engine exposure.

Affordable SEO for Small Business | The Power of the Video

You may have heard the phrase “content is king” in various places around the web.  Well it is true.  Content is still king – however the most effective type of content is always changing.

Of all the different types of viral content, videos are the most viral.  Nothing conveys a message or story like a video.  Videos are easily passed and shared from person to person which is phenomenal for search engine optimization, and they have the power to drive substantial amounts of traffic to a website via a referral link.  YouTube videos in particular can be used in strategic ways to craft a powerful and affordable SEO strategy.

YouTube has become the second largest search engine next to Google.  With millions of viewers every minute, YouTube represents a large pool of potential customers for any small business.

So why should YouTube be part of your search engine optimization/marketing strategy?  Well here are just a few important reasons:

  • When people see something interesting on YouTube they share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels – videos can go viral very quickly
  • You can include targeted keyword phrases in the description box of YouTube videos.  Think of the description box as a place to implement a little on-page SEO.
  • You can include a link in the description box back to a specific page on your website that is on-page search engine optimized for the keyword phrases you have optimized the description box for.
  • You can aim other search engine optimization linking projects at the YouTube videos, and use the videos as a property in your websites link network anchor layer (a bit more advanced but very feasible for you to learn how to do).

My #1 Example of a Highly Effective and Super Affordable Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Video Strategy

Have you ever heard of Blendtec?  Well as their name would suggest they are a blender and mixer company.  When co-founder Tom Dickson needed a fresh and affordable online marketing and SEO plan he got creative with video.

Tom and Blendtec launched a Will it Blend? video series on YouTube.  So what made the strategy so unique, creative and successful you ask?

Well these guys weren’t blending apples and bananas, they blended golf balls, cameras and even a crowbar.  How’s that for demonstrating how powerful and durable your blenders are?

Here is my favorite one where Tom blends an iPad.  Careful, it’s almost painful to watch!

So there you have it.  Tom made a unique and creative video and with a click of the mouse I just shared it with you.

As of this moment the above video is sitting pretty at 14,448,374 views.  The cost of ruining one iPad certainly paid off BIG TIME in this instance.

How Can You Develop Your Own Affordable and Effective SEO and Online Marketing Plan?

Think about what makes your business fun.  What aspect of your business do people enjoy the most?  How can you put a creative twist on that aspect?

Get out there and just start video taping.  Have a video camera on you at all times when you are in the field.  Sometimes catching one amazing feat or unexpected event on camera is all it takes for a company to go viral on YouTube.

How can you help someone in a creative way?  Do you specialize in something specific?  Can you solve a specific need using your products and/or services?  Make a video that helps people tremendously, while also entertaining them.

Be open to trying new things and putting a new spin on old tasks.  Tom from Blendtec could of just made videos about how well his blenders blend ice cream, potatoes and fruit.  However he decided to put a new twist on blending and blend up electronic devices and metal pieces.

Get a tad bit crazy, take a risk and go for it.  After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Probably just a few YouTube dislikes and one or two negative comments.

See you on the 1st page of Google!



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