Affordable SEO For Small Business | Logical Website Hierarchy

affordable seo for small business website hierarchyAffordable SEO for small business can be done.


Nope, you don’t need to hire some high priced SEO firm with a bunch of Harvard PhDs to trick Google into ranking your small business website. No tricking is needed.


All you need to do is simply give big G what it wants, plain and simple.


When most small businesses come to us to ask us to assess  the SEO of their websites, we usually point to the simple things that can be done nearly immediately to both improve rankings and improve Google search engine optimization. These can be optimizing title tags, doing extensive long tail keyword research, locally optimize your web pages, on page optimization checklists and even what not to do.


Most of these optimizers for Google can be done by the small business themselves, usually within minutes  and with a minimum of technical knowledge and minimal expense.


Logical Website Hierarchy and Affordable SEO for Small Business


When small businesses are looking to SEO economically, they can do this by giving signs so their site visitor doesn’t get lost.


Logically, it’s a smart thing to direct a site visitor so they know where to go on the website. Helping the search engines to find their way as well doesn’t hurt either.


Nobody likes to click dozens of links to find what they are looking for…and neither do the search engines. Here’s why good website navigation and hierarchy is so important:


  • Good website navigation helps search engines understand what content the website feels is most important. Affordable SEO for small business can be achieved easily by leaving breadcrumbs throughout your small business website, so if a site visitor ever gets lost they can simply retrace their steps and get back to where they want to be.


  • Navigation also gives the search engines a sense for the role each page on the website plays within the context of the entire site. And logical website  navigation can be done on the cheap.


Since the search engines are very logical (they are computer software after all), just give them what they want. In performing affordable SEO for small business, it is easy and cheap to simply structure your website very logically. Search engines like logical websites and logical webpages. And its easy to do.


To give you a better idea of what “logical website hierarchy” actually looks like, here are some examples of both good and bad:


Logical Website Hierarchy:


The dmoz directory clearly shows a logical categorization of information on the site. So if you’re running a website on business, it may make sense to have a category named “accounting”, another one named “marketing” and so on.


This logical hierarchy spoon feeds content in a straightforward way to both visitors as well as the search engines. Simple, easy, straightforward affordable SEO for small business practices in action.


Illogical Website Hierarchy:


With Mr. Bottles, we have no idea where we are on this site at any time. There’s no logical flow to the pages at all. Worst of all, search engines undoubtedly have a very difficult time indexing his pages and understanding what his website is all about.


Unfortunately his absolute passion for bottles doesn’t allow him the opportunity for more site visitors. People come, looking for bottles, get frustrated and leave.


The Killer Affordable SEO For Small Business Tip on Site Hierarchy


If you are a small business, perhaps a lawyer, a real estate agent or and architectural firm, read this post and all of a sudden realize that you are more Mr. Bottles than dMoz…don’t worry, we have an affordable SEO solution for you.

The easiest thing you can do to get back into the good graces of Google is to install an XML Sitemap

You don’t need to know all the SEO reasons as to why this is so important, but think of it this way: installing an XML sitemap is like putting a GPS system on your website for the search engines. Even if your site is worse than Mr. Bottles, this is a step in the right direction.


And staying in line with affordable SEO, best of all…its free. You can get it for WordPress websites here.


And if you need any more help, we are always here as well.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go get me some vintage bottles

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