How to Do Affordable SEO Using the Power of Infographics

Affordable SEO can be done using the power of infographics which educate and entertain your audience



Infographics are a fun way to do affordable SEO.


Not only are they cool to look at, but one of the major reasons that infographics are all the rage right now because they produce masses of backlinks to your website, while informing and entertaining your website visitors.


And when they go viral, they create thousands of backlinks to your website, giving you authority, traffic and higher rankings in the SERPs.


Why Infographics Should Be in Every Affordable SEO Strategy


The reason why infographics are so effective is because they are so visual. One of things that we do when we publish and infographic is we add some text to the post. One of the best websites we’ve seen that does exactly this is Movoto. Not only do they create killer cool infogrpahics, but they surround it with tons of awesome SEO optimized content – which boosts long tail website traffic.


To promote an infographic, you need to distribute it as widely as possible in the right channels. Distribute them throughout the web through social media channels, image sites, image directories and infographic directory sites. Adding in a press release to go along with it assists in doing this.


All those internal links help get your blog posts to rank higher as well, which then causes EVEN MORE long tail traffic.


But bear in mind that infographics don’t just “go viral” – they need to be constructed well and done with the end-user in mind.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when you create an infographic:


1. The infographic topic needs to be unique: Although new to many small and medium-sized businesses, infographics are not new to the Internet. Because of this, in order for them to go viral and really catch on, the content has to be original, while also being educational, captivating or funny all at the same time. If you merely copy another infographic from someone else with old information nobody really cares about your infographic will not be very successful.


2. It has to benefit your readers: If you don’t have any new ideas on infographics, then don’t create one. As long as you are educating your readers on a topic they are interested in, then you are in good shape. In the example infographic below, the biggest question our client gets almost daily is “how do I flip houses?” It was only natural for us to create this infographic because it answers his (and many other people’s) primary question or problem.


3. Make it really cool: there are plenty of examples of infographics on the web, they have become more common, you really need to put some time and effort in them. Getting one done on the cheap is going to do nothing but make yours look lame. So pay for a great designer and you’ll reap the rewards.




Infographics are an awesome way of spreading the word for your business. This one infographic below led to over 2,000 site visits, 5 guest blogging offers and dozens of shares and tweets.


If you follow the steps above, your infographic will do really well on the Internet. And of course, if you need a little help, you can always contact us. Check it out:




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