Affordable SEO Services Gets 1,113 Website Visitors in 1 Day

affordable seo servicesI thought you might be interested in this “affordable SEO” story…


Many people say that affordable SEO cannot be done, no matter what size your company is…we disagree.


The trick is to think of other ways to get traffic to websites, which can be through PR, guest blogging, blog commenting, article writing and syndication as well as old-time non-Internet means.


This includes interviews and news stories on your company and your service that get picked up by national publications. Or it may mean being interviewed by national publications, newspapers, magazines and other blogs.


The point is that you don’t have to understand the complex algorithms of the almighty Google to understand how to get website traffic…all you need is a creative team of affordable SEO pros who can think laterally – sometimes using the backdoor to get the traffic instead of rapping on the front door.


This is exactly what we did with this client.

Affordable SEO Services for The Growing Online Entrepreneur


This is a story about one of our smaller clients – but they have BIG aspirations in a niche that has growing and widespread potential appeal.


We built their website from scratch back in June of 2011 and as one of our SEO strategies, we have been using offline and online PR to get him more an d more and more exposure. They have a lead capture form on their website to entice readers to give their email and name in exchange for a free eBook giveaway packed with great content.


By the way, we wrote the eBook as well.


As a results of this online and offline strategy, we got an article from the company placed on Yahoo News and you can see what happened to the traffic to the site below.

The resulting traffic to his site has been not only amazing (see screenshot below), but it has resulted in nearly 1,700 website visitors, over 70 (and counting) leads and 2 additional sales of his high-priced coaching product in just the last 24 hours alone:


affordable seo services chart

Affordable SEO Services…for All Business Sizes


This is what we routinely do for our clients.


More traffic, more leads, more customers for your business from the Internet.


Antares Enterprises, affordable SEO for your growing business.

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