Are Infographics As Dead As Julius Ceasar?

are infographics effective

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There’s much debate now about whether infographics are effective to build backlinks. Or if they are as out of date as buggy whips, leisure suits, Joe Dirt mullets and Jon Bon Jovi tassle jackets.


The much debated subject has come under review recently as there are some indications that infographic links may at some point be devalued from Google according to our spam fighting superhero, Matt Cutts.


Of course, Matt Cutts is after all just a figurehead put in place to protect the Google moneymaking empire and you should take everything he says with a very large grain of salt…and a couple of shots of whiskey to boot.


So let’s forget about Matt for right now. Let’s talk about if an infographic is actually a good thing for you and your business to invest in. And if you are doing it just for backlinks, then chances are you’re missing the boat.


Rand Fishkin weighed in on this very subject on the most recent episode of whiteboard Friday:


No doubt, Rand certainly knows what he’s talking about….


At the end of the day, people are visual learners – so infographics clearly have value as an educational tool.


If you don’t believe me, look these metrics here:


  • 65% of humans are visual learners. (Social Science Research Network)


  • 40% of users respond better to visual information. (Zabisco)


  • Publishers leveraging infographics increase traffic 12% faster. (AnsonAlex)


  • An infographic can reach up to 15 million people. (LinkedIn)


  • Facebook saw 65% increase in visual content engagement in a month after launching timeline for brands. (Simply Measured)


So people do learn visually. That is one in favor of infographics.


But are infographics effective at building backlinks?


Yes and no.


Do they build links? Yes.


But don’t do them just for that.


Do it EDUCATE and entice your customer to do business with you. If you can educate and show your customers that you ACTUALLY give a crap – then do an infographic.


One company which we love who does this extremely well is KissMetrics.


Do they get links? Hell yeah.


But more importantly they provide great information to help marketers and Internet pros to increase conversions, get more Facebook Likes, learn how to use their software and tons of other things that are extremely useful for the Internet Marketing sect.


Do infographics that are original, well-researched, interesting and offer some kind of new insight into your business or potential client. That is the formula for infographics.


This one here, we did for a client just this past week – and although we have not distributed it yet to the Internet at large, I’ll keep you updated as to what the uptake is as we start our outreach campaign to get the word out:


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