How To Craft Killer Landing Pages And Get More SEO Bang For Your Buck

Blog SEO Landing Page Conversion Tips

blog seoGetting a website to the 1st page of Google is the goal of any website or blog SEO campaign.  A ton of time, energy and money is often invested in achieving those coveted top rankings.  But what do you do once you finally reach page 1?

Achieving first page rankings does not always result in a boost in sales.  More often than not the written words (copy) on the website must be stellar in order to convert visitors into customers-which I am assuming is the ultimate goal of your own website or blog SEO campaign.

So the question then is, how can we turn all these new visitors into new customers?

The answer to this question can be found on a website’s landing page.  A landing page is the page or post on your website that visitors first “land” on.  If the copy on this page is written in an effective way, then there is a better chance of turning that visitor into a customer.  Problem is that many landing pages we encounter are not written so well, causing visitors to “bounce” off the site.

The good news is that crafting high conversion landing pages is not rocket science.  To get the most out of your blog and website SEO investment, be sure to take a look at your site’s landing pages and consider implementing the following landing page tips.

Blog SEO | Crafting a Flawless Landing Page

  • Know Your Goal – What’s your #1 goal for visitors to your site?  Do you want them to join an email list, contact you about your services, or purchase a product?  The highest converting  landing pages speak to one clearly defined goal.  If you want your visitor to purchase a product, then don’t confuse them by also asking them to join your email list.
  • Ask the Visitor to Take 1 Specific Action – Even though your business may offer various products and services, do not offer them all to your visitors at the same time.  Craft your landing page around one clear goal, and then ask your visitors to take one specific action.  If you have a great offer or sale going on, then ask your visitor to take advantage of that one specific offer or sale.  By asking less from a visitor, you often end up receiving more.
  • Highlight the #1 Benefit of Taking Action – When someone does join your email list, inquires about a service, or purchases a product they may end up enjoying many great and wonderful things.  However if you highlight all these wonderful benefits of taking action on your landing page, you will only dilute the #1 benefit of joining, inquiring or purchasing.  What is the best benefit, the #1 reason for a visitor to take action?  Highlight and craft your landing page around this #1 benefit, and then mention all the other reasons and benefits of taking action.

The KISS (keep it simple stupid!) theory definitely applies to landing pages.  The best landing pages out there focus on 1 goal, 1 action and 1 awesome benefit. Crafting high conversion landing pages is the #1 way to turn visitors into customers and receive the most bang for your website or blog seo buck.

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