How to Get 1,000s of Fans on Facebook By “Shooting Fish In a Barrel”

how_to_get_more_likes_on_faceboook_400209No more Fiverr…PLEASE!


Don’ t get me wrong, I like Fiverr, I really do. But I only use it for lots of different kinds of SEO tasks…and getting likes on Facebook is not one of them.


Here we’re going to teach you how to get thousands of fans for your Facebook page is by doing this 1 little trick….


And it doesn’t involve Fiverr…


A great way to how to get fans on Facebook is to shoot fish in the barrel.


So its only appropriate we do this for a Striped Bass Fishing website…LOL.


Watch this video to see how.


How to Get Fans on Facebook Summary:


  • Target people who already like something that is similar to your core audience –  ideally something which they are extremely passionate about. But here’s the key: they are also your exact target audience.
  • Choose “get page likes” in the Facebook ad targeting


  • Target precise interests ideal for your site: “striped bass fishing” was our example here.


  • Create a simple sidebar ad that says something like: “Like striped bass fishing?”


  • Have you are really good killer image


  • Then in the body just say: “Click “Like” if you do!”


  • Set the budget for $5 or $10/day and let ‘er rip….


It’s that easy.


Those people will then like your Facebook page. You may need to play around with the image and the exact wording and the precise interests, but the results will be there typically between one cent and $.15 per like.


Watch out:


  • Set your advertising for the sidebar only – not on the news feed.


  • If you put I type of ad like this in the news feed, your CPC will be way too high and you won’t get nearly as many Likes.






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