How to Get More Leads on Facebook Newsfeed Ads with Perfect Audience

how to get more leads from facebook retargetingRetargeting (or remarketing) has been around for quite some time now.


Facebook retargeting on the FBX has been around for a few years as well.


If you don’t know what retargeting is, that’s okay… But you probably seen it already in your travels around the Internet.


Retargeting is basically a cookie-based technology that allows an advertising platform to follow you around the Internet.


How Does Retargeting Work?


The way retargeting works is like this:


1. Your visit a website


2. That website places a small piece of code into your browser


3. You leave that website without buying anything or opting in for any of their free stuff


4. The website then shows you their “retargeting” ads to you as on other places you visit on the Internet including websites like CNN, Oprah,  and of course


5. Finally convinced of buying the product due to all these additional exposures, you buy


How to Get More Leads on Facebook Newsfeed Ads with Perfect Audience


One of the companies that sells retargeting advertising is Perfect Audience and just recently they started allowing full image ads in the news feed for retargeting.


We just started testing this new ad medium and the results have been pretty awesome so far. Here is a video to show you:



With this new retargeting, you can easily create ads that are 615 X 300 pixels and increase your conversions. We use the free software Jing to create these images.




Perfect Audience


Facebook Ads




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