How to Get More Website Conversions Using This One Cool Tool

If you are serious about getting more leads to your site, you need to learn how to get more website conversions. We show you how here…

How to Get More Website ConversionsTraffic. Every website wants it. The more the better, everyone says.


Not necessarily though…


The RIGHT kind of traffic can make or break your site – meaning, the people who click to your site are potentially CUSTOMERS for your service or product – not just some high school junior researching his second semester term paper.


But once that traffic does arrive on your site, how do you convert that traffic to a lead, then ultimately a sale?


You do it with landing pages.


How to Get More Lead Conversions Using Landing Pages


Landing pages are simply pages oon your site that prompt your site visitor to take an action. It could be to download a free eBook or checklist, get free access to a membership site, join a live eventregister for a webinar or simply submit their name and email for a free consultation.  


But to get the visitor to take that action, you need to craft the landing page in a very specific way to get the website conversion.


All the traffic in the world to your website won’t mean a whole lot unless you can CONVERT that traffic into leads. Once the traffic is converted to leads, then its up to you the business owner to put systems in place to then turn those leads into actual paying customers.


To learn how to get more website conversions, you need to have a really good, high converting landing page.


One of the best ones around is from LeadPages – which we use all the time, but if you want to go it alone and make your webmaster for it for you, you’ll want them to follow these rules below.


Here’s how you do it:

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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