How To Optimize Search Engine Results & Make Boatloads of Money

how to optimize search engine results and make boatloads of moneyLocal search is where small and medium-sized companies can absolutely crush the competition in terms of search engine rankings. Because of this “unfair advantage”, local businesses, as well as regional ones can learn how to optimize search engine results and do it easier than the big companies.


We’ve covered the many benefits of local search before and why this represents a fantastic opportunity for locally based businesses to dominate in the rankings within their geographic territory.


What we have not covered at length is when the search visitor arrives on your website, then what?


But most importantly, how to optimize search engine results at the same time you are converting those “casual visitors” to ACTUAL money-paying customers?


It may seem obvious…stupid really, but here we cover how to do it.


Here we explain how to optimize search engine results in practical terms, so here we outline the five main content factors you must include on your local website in order to enhance your ranking for local search results.


How To Optimize Search Engine Results


1. Obviously…Include Your Contact Information


When people are searching for local services, they usually include the name of the town or the name of the neighborhood, especially in super local SEO.


So if your business is located in Alexandria, Virginia, it makes sense to ensure that your address is readily available on the site itself. A great way how to optimize search engine results for your business is to make sure your physical mailing address is also included. Also, if you operate from multiple locations, make certain each physical address is on the site as well.


2. Get Writing…Create Locations Pages


It may go without saying, but it is best to include a location page on your website – and it’s best to merge this page with your “Contact Us” informational page as well. Many people will want to visit your location, so make sure they can find you by placing your address near the inquiry form as well.


Even better, if you do have multiple locations, another killer way in how to optimize search engine results is to simply write a unique page of content on each one of those locations, mentioning the town or city in which you service.


Many people querying local services on Google, will type in the name of the service plus a town name. If your page has both of those keyword elements, all the better. This is good on page SEO.


3. Swallow Your Ego – Make Your Staff Internet Celebrities


Bring some notoriety to your staff by writing content pages with their profiles on them. After all, people want to deal with people – so make sure people know you actually do have people working at your company.


By profiling key staff members or even lesser known staff members also reinforces the localized roots for your company. Even better though is that staff profiles also capture search engines searches as well. Many local businesses are found by people searching for individual staff member names.


For example a law firm Landry & Wilkins may be found for such local search terms as “injury attorney Wilkins” instead of searching for the entire firm name.


Not only does this help you in capturing more searches for obscure longer tailed searches, but it helps with company morale as well. Everyone likes a little appreciation and notoriety.


4. Go “Geo”…Embed a Google Map


It’s always a good idea to embed a Google map on your website so people can click on it and automatically be redirected to Google Maps so they can find you quickly.


Also, Google being Google, the more Google code you can attach to your website can only do good positive things for you in the eyes of the search engine god.


Additionally, Google spiders can identify your location based on the code that is embedded. This increases your connection to the local community and it can also reinforce your on site content to prove to the search engines you are where you say you are in your website content.


5. Use Telephone Numbers in Multiple Formats


At a minimum, you should include telephone and fax numbers in a standard, machine-readable format – in the US this is:


(508) 123-4567






If your business is international, you may want to consider adding an international format as well. Using the European international format is the global standard:




Whatever you do…make sure you don’t embed the phone numbers in a Flash file or as an image. Put it in plain numerical text instead. If you place the phone number (or your address for that matter) in an image, the search engines will not be able to read it.


Remember that search engines cannot read videos, audios, flash files or images. Keep it simple, add in your address and phone number in text. That way you can be assured the search engines will find that information, read it and file it with the proper geolocation.


And that is How To Optimize Search Engine Results.


Now, go make boatloads of money….


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