How to Use eBooks and Online Forums to Build Massive Interest and Traffic to Your Website

search engine optimization for small businesses

Search engine optimization for small businesses is all too often viewed as a real “techy” and complex process.  Sure, a lot of how well a website performs has to do with link building, website coding, on page optimization etc.  However there are some less technical and more economical ways of making your message go viral.  If you are a non-technical small business owner looking for an affordable way to boost traffic to your site, then be sure to read on.

One of the most effective ways of building traffic to your site, and more importantly, authority in your niche is to publish an eBook.  eBooks can be used in a multitude of different ways and can be a highly effective credibility building strategy.

Now traditionally eBooks are sold for a profit, or used as part of an email optin.  Selling eBooks can be a good revenue strategy, and using eBooks as part of an email optin is a phenomenal way to build your email list.  Both methods help your bottom line, and help build credibility and authority.

But what about traffic generation?  How can we use an eBook to attract highly targeted, extremely engaged traffic to our website?

eBooks Can be Part of an Affordable and Effective SEO Strategy for Small Businesses


1)  Locate Places Online Where Your Target Audience Congregates


The first step is to find a place on  the web where your perfect customers are congregating.  One of the best places is an online forum.

Forums are places online where people chat and share information and opinions about a topic they are interested in.  There are forums for just about every topic under the sun.  Odds are there is a forum for the business niche you serve, and you can use these forums as part of your small business’s economical search engine optimization strategy.

Forums are essentially pools of people that are craving a specific type of information.  The challenge for you is to identify the problems these people have, and then write an eBook that provides them with the answers they need.


2)  Writing the eBook


You need to focus on quality when writing your eBook.  Because you are going to be giving away your eBook for free, it can be easy to just go through the motions and pump out page after page – focusing more on getting it done than getting it done right.  It is absolutely critical that you provide super relevant, quality information that answers a specific problem that the forum audience has.

If you slack on this, then your eBook will be a flop.  Quality is absolutely essential when it comes to eBooks-this affordable SEO strategy heavily relies upon your ability to create an eBook of true value.

Yet remember to keep your eBook simple, brief and to the point.  Include relevant images and graphic design that makes the eBook engaging and visually appealing.  Often times a horizontal page layout with at least 2 separate columns of text is ideal.

Provide awesome information but write your eBook with the final goal in mind.  When a customer downloads your free eBook they are in essence making their first transaction with you.  Write your eBook in a way that naturally guides them to their next transaction.  All the while providing them with highly relevant and useful information.

And of course include links back to your website in strategic places.  Don’t litter the eBook with links to your site, however keep in mind that this eBook is more than anything else, an search engine optimization for small businesses traffic building tool.


3)  Develop a Good Reputation in your Chosen Forums and then Share your eBook


I would not recommend diving right into a forum and plastering a thread with links to download your free eBook.  This will most likely get you banned from the forum.

Instead, spend a few weeks answering questions, providing valuable insight and building healthy online relationships.  This is especially important if you are brand new to a particular forum.

Once you feel comfortable with the people in the forum, publish a thread with a download link to your free eBook.  You need to make this thread stellar.  It is important to not come across as spammy or pushy.

For my fishing website, I’ve always had success with something like…


Hey Guys,

With the start of the 2012 striped bass fishing season just a month away, I figured now was a good time to post this.

Like everyone on this board I love to fish, especially for striped bass off Cape Cod. However I remember how difficult of a time I initially had finding and figuring out how to catch stripers when I first became involved with the sport some 17 years ago.

I’ve put together a brief eBook focused on helping folks improve the odds of catching a nice striped bass or two during their 2012 Cape Cod striped bass fishing trips. 

I’ve attached the eBook as an easy to read PDF file at the bottom of this post.

Hopefully at least a few of you striper addicts will find this information valuable! And if not then that is of course A-OKAY too.

Happy spring everyone and good luck fishing this season.

Take care,



Once you post the thread, sit back and see what happens.  You will find out pretty quickly if you’ve done your research and created something of value.  If you provided them with answers to their most dire problems, folks will start chiming in thanking you for providing such a good resource.

Of course as they read your eBook they will eventually click on a well-placed link, and also discover your website.

It is Now a 100% Hands Off SEO for Small Business Strategy

Now if your eBook is really spectacular, these people will being sharing your eBook for you.  They will post the eBook in other forums around the web, share it with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers etc.

The idea is that you start the ball rolling by publishing something spectacular, and now these folks run with it.  It is sort of like having a giant sales team doing all the selling for you.  It is a wonderful SEO strategy when done correctly.

Good luck and go get ’em!


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