How To Target Obscure Long Tail Keyword Phrases

Search Engine Optimization Google

search engine optimization google

If you haven't already guessed, this post has been optimized for the keyword phrase "search engine optimization google."

It’s pretty difficult to find keyword phrases associated with search engine optimization that are easy to rank for.  The level of competition for SEO related phrases is incredibly high.  This makes good sense if you stop and think about it.

Folks targeting SEO related keywords like “search engine optimization companies” are more than likely folks who work for major search engine optimization firms.  In other words, we have SEO experts competing against other SEO experts for the top SEO related search terms.

Compared to these multi-million dollar SEO firms, Antares Enterprises is small.  Here at Antares, we do not have the budget to hire a full team of expert SEO analysts to design, implement and carry out an SEO strategy to outrank the million dollar SEO firms.  Even if we did have an unlimited budget, it would still take an extraordinary amount of time and effort to reach the 1st page of Google for the most competitive SEO related keyword phrases.

In some niches, ranking on the first page of Google is extremely daunting, and to be frank, completely unrealistic for most companies and small businesses.  This is why finding those obscure, hidden gem keywords is so important.

The key is to find a search term with a high amount of traffic, yet low competition on the first page of Google results for that specific keyword phrase.  These search terms represent opportunity for small businesses in any niche.

For example, for us at Antares, an example of a keyword phrase with high amounts of traffic, yet low competition would be search engine optimization Google.

Search Engine Optimization Google On Page Fundamentals

Because the keyword phrase “search engine optimization Google” receives a high amount of traffic with low competition, we might as well try to rank for it.  And what better place to start ranking for that search query than right here on this very page!

All successful SEO campaigns begin with solid on page content and SEO fundamentals.  You can’t see it visible here on this page, but the meta title (the title the search engines see) for this page is Search Engine Optimization Google. It is vitally important to include your targeted keyword phrase in the meta title of the page or post.  This helps explain to search engines what the content of that page or post is about.

Next we include an image relating to the content of the post or page, within the content of the post or page.  We edit the title and alt title of the image to match the phrase that we are targeting.  We could also choose to edit the title and alt title to match semantic variants of the targeted search phrase.  For example I could name the image Google search engine optimization.

Next we want to include the keyword phrase as an H1 tag, or again, include a semantic variant as the H1 tag.  Another example of a semantic variant that I could have chosen as an H1 tag for this post is SEO Google.

It’s also a good idea to include your targeted keyword phrase early on in the content of your page or post.  You’ll notice that at the top of this post I included search engine optimization Google and also made the keyword phrase a link, and linked back to the homepage of  This further helps Google understand what the content of this post is all about, while also providing some initial “link juice” to the homepage of our website.

It’s also good to sprinkle the targeted search phrase throughout the content of the page or post-as I’ve done throughout this post.  On top of that it is vital to include semantic variants of your targeted keyword phrase throughout the post or page.  I’ve also been actively doing this throughout this post, and I’ll do it once more right now – search engine Google optimization.  Easy as pie!

Now I will go ahead and include a semantic variant of my targeted keyword phrase or the keyword phrase itself in an H3 tag, which is also a good way to further explain to Google what this page is all about.  Ok, here we go…

Search Engine Optimization Google Off Page Strategies

Not bad right?  I’ve essentially explained to you the vital components of on page search engine optimization, while at the same time optimizing this page for an awesome keyword phrase for the niche our company is in.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Best of luck with your on page SEO.  Oh and one more tip before I go.  It is also a good idea to finish your page or post with the keyword phrase you are targeting.  So what better way for me to end this post by saying, one final time, search engine optimization Google.

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