Miley Cyrus Engaged! An Offer To Build Her Wedding Website For FREE

miley-cyrus-engaged-to-liam-hemsworthAs many of you who follow the comings and goings of all things celebrity, we are very excited here at Antares Enterprises to hear of Miley Cyrus getting engaged to Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth.


As is the case with many celebrity weddings, the bride and groom to be usually create a new wedding website to both announce the wedding as well as give updates to friends and family on how the wedding plan is progressing.


So to make sure that Miley and Liam get their just due, we are offering to help her create as well as search engine optimize her wedding website for free.


Its common practice for newly engaged couples to create websites, and as huge fans of Miley Cyrus ourselves, the news that she just got engaged is not lost on us…


The Importance of a Great, Search Engine Optimized Wedding Website


Creating a solid wedding website is a big deal and the bigger you are, the bigger the deal it is. A good example of a highly optimized “big deal” wedding website was done by Prince William and Catherine Middleton who as you probably may know, were married early last year.


Their website gets millions of page views per month so clearly wedding websites are important.


But aside from close friends and family, most wedding websites are not visited by the masses – largely because they are neither search engine optimized or designed all that well.


For this reason, we are offering Miley and Liam a fully optimized website from both our website design company as well as our search engine optimization company, so that they too can get a site designed as good if not even better than the Royals…or any other celebrities for that matter.


How We Would Create and Optimize Miley Cyrus’ Wedding Website


Although this list is not inclusive, these website tips below would help them get off to a great start in both building and search engine optimizing their brand new wedding website.

1. It All Begins With Keyword Research


When you are optimizing your website for the search engines, you first need to determine what words or combination of words – called keywords would your ideal customer punch into the search box to find your business.


Brainstorm. Pick dozens of “keyword phrases” people might be searching for your for.  They can be one word or combinations of two, three or even four or five words.


Then, create a list of keywords people may be looking for with relation to the Miley Cyrus wedding.


If Miley couldn’t think of anything, maybe she could ask one of her costars from The Hannah Montana Show. I’ll be willing to bet they could think of a few keyword phrases.


Then pick a primary keyword phrase, which would be the basis for the Miley Cyrus wedding website.


Our suggestion is to focus on the keyword phrase: “Miley Cyrus wedding”


Kind of an obvious choice and obviously makes the most sense…sorry Liam, you just don’t quite have Miley’s star power…yet.


2. Lock Up an Exact Match Domain


Based on number one above, picking the domain name is actually really important to being found in the search engines. Despite some the recent changes to Google’s algorithm, Google still gives search preference to exact match domains in the search engines.


If you can get an exact match domain (called an “EMD”) for your primary search term uncovered in the research done in #1, this is great for SEO.


Based upon a quick research study here, we would recommend:


This domain is available right now for a mere $9.99 on GoDaddy, so she could lock that one down right now.


She could also pick whatever the top search terms would be for Miley and Liam depending on #1 above, but the one above would probably do it.


3. Pick a Kickin’ Website Theme


Miley and Liam are way cool, so it stands to reason that they will need a way cool website design to match their utter and complete coolness.


The coolest website designs we have found anywhere which are also totally search optimized are from our friends over at Copyblogger Media.


Their StudioPress Themes for WordPress overlaid on the Genesis framework are the bomb. We’d also optimize all the pages with their software called Scribe SEO which makes on page optimization way easy. We also like to use their landing page product called Premise, which makes landing page creation a snap.


StudioPress has so many cool themes, ready to roll for SEO and I’m sure that Miley would be able to pick one that is as cool as she is…and Liam too.


The great part about StudioPress and Genesis is that the themes and the framework are already search engine optimized for search, blog commenting and social media. And with all Miley’s 5,857,644 Twitter followers  , this is a must.


4. Get the Wedding Website Page Titles Right


In order to get more visitors to her wedding website, Miley would have to make the page title or “title tag” of her website search engine optimized as well. The page title is one of the most important elements of good SEO because the title tag tells both users and search engines what the page is all about:




The title of your webpage is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page’s content. Also, the title (or title tag) must be highly relevant to the content that is on the page itself.


It also doesn’t hurt to put in highly searched keyword terms so that she can rank for


We would suggest this homepage title tag:


Miley Cyrus Wedding | Miley and Liam Engaged to Be Married


5. Don’t Forget the Meta-Description Tags


One of the more important optimization tips for a website is the meta-description largely because this grouping of words is also oftentimes used by the search engines in their “snippet” used underneath the search result itself to also determine what your page is about. But even more importantly, it is usually that little snippet of content that appears underneath the title of your website in the search engine results:




The meta description is very different from the title tag because it is a written sentence on what the website is all about. Make sure you write it for humans and keep it under 160 characters so the search engines like you.


We all love Miley; we just want Google to love her as much as we do…


Another thing Miley should make sure she does is to put the primary keyword phrase “Miley Cyrus wedding” in the meta description as well. This is important so that if Google decides to use the meta description provided, the primary keyword phrase “Miley Cyrus wedding” keyword will be highlighted – which could increase clickthroughs to the website itself.


6. Make All the Website URLs Simple to Understand


The search engines like easy. They like logical.


So Miley needs to build her site with this in mind.


If you are on a page on the website you want the search engines to understand what the page is about, not only from the title tags as well as from the meta descriptions, but also from the URL names for each page on the website.


In the case of the Royals, they got it partially right, but not fully optimized as their URLs are a bit tough to navigate:


A simpler URL would include the search term people are most searching for so it is easy for Google to serve up the right page at the right time for the right search. A better example may be:


This URL, when combined with a page title of the same makes the search for the highly searched term “royal wedding service Westminster abbey” extremely relevant and search engine friendly.


Wherever Miley and Liam choose to get married: Bali, a rooftop in New York or in just a plain old wedding chapel, people want to know this and will be searching for it and how much it may have cost.


Although we love Miley, the simpler to understand her website URLs are, the more the search engines will love her and her wedding website.


7. Optimize Wedding Images and Get SEO Love from Google Images


Not only do images make your website far more interesting, but they also play a large role in website optimization as well as search volume.


The name (or “alt tag’ as it’s called) that is assigned to your image, long thought to be irrelevant is actually quite important.


The “alt” attribute that you specify for the image itself also will help your images be found on Google Images which can also lead to more website traffic.


Google Images can be a tremendous source of traffic for a website if its “alt tagged” properly, however this one from the Royal Wedding website is not so well named:




Simply put, if Miley puts up some wedding day photos on her site of her and her beau in the wedding chapel, she should “tag” them as “Miley Cyrus wedding chapel” or something that makes sense.


People searching for images like these on Google images will immediately find them and in turn, click through to her website, resulting in more Miley traffic.


8. Create a Logical Wedding Website Category Hierarchy


Easy navigation of a website is extremely important for search engines. Nobody likes to click dozens of links to find what they are looking for…and neither do the search engines.
Good navigation also helps search engines understand what content the website feels is most important as well as gives them a sense for the role each page on the website plays within the context of the entire site. Good navigation assists with this.


Since the search engines are very logical (they are really just massive computer software after all), so make it easy for them by making your website structured very logically. Search engines like logical websites and logical webpages.


Pretty good URL structure:


Although we couldn’t really find a great website structure for celebrity wedding websites, the Royals got it partially right here.


When searching for “procession route photos” on the Royal Wedding website, we would have liked to have seen a slightly more logical website hierarchy. Something like this would have made far more sense:


This shows a logical categorization of information on the site, which is critical for search engine optimization.


Just Plain Bad URL Structure:


Derek and Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy really botched this one. Maybe it’s because it is a fake wedding website, but come on!


Look at that gobbledygook of text and numbers in the URL – this makes it really hard for you and the search engines to read.


Perhaps it’s because the creators of the show made it for Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd…and they obviously don’t know much about search engine optimization.


When you are on this wedding website, you have no idea where we are on this site at any time. There’s no logical flow to the pages at all. Worst of all, search engines undoubtedly have a very difficult time indexing his pages and understanding what his website is all about.


So if you’re putting up a wedding website, it may make sense to have a category named “wedding ceremony”, another one named “wedding reception” another one named “honeymoon“, etc. If you have images, tag each one under the category they belong to.


In this way, a logical hierarchy spoon feeds content in a straightforward way to both visitors as well as the search engines.


9. Write Compelling, Kick Ass Wedding Content


Last but not least is the most important search engine optimization and wedding website factor of all: compelling content.


The content on the Miley Cyrus wedding website will influence its rankings more than any other factor discussed here!


When Miley is writing about how much she looks forward to being married to Liam, she (or her publicist) needs to write it so it is so irresistibly good that other sites on the Internet want to link to it.


Boring page copy doesn’t attract, it repels. And Miley is anything but boring…so make sure the content is as compelling as the best episode of Hannah Montana.


When other sites find your website content useful, they link their websites to it. And when other websites link to your compelling content from their blogs, websites and social media properties; then the search engines start to rank that content more highly for the search terms you optimized for in #1 above.


The best thing to do is before you start writing, think about the person searching for the keyword phrase you are targeting and put yourself in their shoes.


The Offer to Design and Search Engine Optimize The Miley Cyrus Wedding Website


These are just a few ways Miley could design and optimize her wedding website so it is search engine friendly and as compelling and entertaining as she is.


We’d love to help her get her new life started (digitally that is) on the right foot, so the offer stands.


Perhaps we could get an invite to the wedding and sit in the wayyyy back?


Oh, dare to dream….

20 Comments on “Miley Cyrus Engaged! An Offer To Build Her Wedding Website For FREE”

  1. Great stuff guys, how do you think Miley will feel about it when she sees it? With this info, I think I could make my site a bit stronger as well. Ted

    1. Thanks Ted, use all the info there for your own website, haven’t heard from Miley yet…but its early 🙂

  2. After telling People magazine that she “is so happy to be engaged,” Cyrus took to Twitter to thank her fans for their overwhelming outpouring of well-wishes. Here is what she tweeted: “thank you for all the love today 🙂 I’m happy to share this news with you all,” Cyrus wrote. “I feel like all my dreams are coming true. have a great day”. I think here is one major area where social media has brought celebrities closer to fans.

  3. Miley Cyrus has shed her baby fat and matured beyond that awkward early teenager stage which everyone experiences. I wouldn’t recommend anyone gets married at such a young age, but then again, I try not to judge anyone. Chalk it up to the impetuousness of youth. Even though statistics are not in their favor, you never know if a couple will be able to stay together. I suppose you can’t blame her for loving a Hemsworth.

  4. In case you have not noticed, all of the recent photos of Myley Cyrus, she has slimmed down quite a bit. This dramatic weight loss is rumored to be her attempt to slim down for a wedding that has been in the planning stages for quite some time. All I can say is that she’s looks very good. I must assume she has been working with both the trainer and a nutritionist. Good for her.

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  6. There have been lots of speculation regarding this website in entertainment news. I was watching E News and noticed that Miley has been posting several photos on instagram over the past few weeks. Some of these photos showed Miley without her engagement ring, sparking speculation that the wedding was off. No need for their fans to worry, though, because she later posted other photos with the ring back on. Looks like the wedding is still on.

  7. I do not mean to sound like a hater, but shouldn’t a wealthy, successful artist like Miley Cyrus be paying for a web site? It is bad enough that the rich keep getting richer, but come on, let a web designer get paid for his or her expertise and time and effort. I cannot believe persons are offering to do a free website. That person must be offering to do it free in order to gain recognition for his or her name.

  8. When I saw some photos of Miley Cyrus at the Maxim Hot 100 party, I was surprised she was not rocking her wedding ring and garnering more attention for herself. As number one on Maxim magazine’s annual Hot 100 list, one might expect Miley Cyrus to go heavy on the sex appeal when celebrating her new title at a party for the issue. At least she is keeping a low profile – sort of.

  9. Is it just the nature of the subject matter which has given the Miley Cyrus wedding site so much web traffic? I am talking, of course, about the fact that it is a wedding site and that it is the name of Miley Cyrus that is optimized on the web pages. I imagine that her name gets searched for countless times each day, especially after she makes headlines for one reason or another. Or is it just really good SEO at work?

  10. Those who shoots weddings, family portraits, editorial assignments and video, don’t have a lot of time to blog! So when they do, they try to make every post count. They design every blog post with three things in mind: search engine optimization client satisfaction, and showcase my portfolio. This page addresses how to optimize a wedding blog post for a celebrity by using specific keyword variations in page titles, text, and image descriptions. It’s a good case study and lesson.

  11. Search engines want to populate the results with quality content written by experts as acknowledged by other Internet users. It is no they will tell you to publish high quality, link worthy content. If only it were so simple. I’m not responsible for a global 2000 company or international celebrity website. if yours is a small and relatively unknown business, you need to be far more creative and effective at capturing people’s interest.

  12. I can’t believe how much she has changed sense she left the Disney Channel to become more of a “woman and some of the things she has done I would never have seen her dad letting her do. Thank you for posting that she is getting married , they look like a great couple and I hope they will be very happy and I hope they make it last.

  13. I find it interesting that the only thing people are focusing on here is the fact that she has lost weight and that she is so young. What does her weight matter and she isn’t to young I was married at 18 and we have been married for 26 years now. The fact is this is about a wedding web site and I think it would be cool to have this available to anyone.

  14. I think this is something that everyone should be able to use if they are getting married and you could put things like where you are registered etc. and maybe tell a little about what you like and things so that people can pick better gifts for you. Not to mention a place to put the pictures of the engagement, bachelor parties, wedding everything on there.

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