Rock Solid SEO | The Importance of Title Tags

In order to get more visitors for your primary keyword terms, the title or “title tag” of a web page is one of the most important elements of good SEO.

The title of your webpage is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page’s content. This one tag is considered one of the most critical elements when it comes to both user experience and search engine optimization.

More importantly, the title (or title tag) must be highly relevant to the content that is on the page itself.

When SEOMoz surveyed 37 influential thoughts leaders in the SEO industry on the single most important factors for good SEO, 35 of the 37 participants said that targeted keyword usage in the title tag was THE most important place to use keywords tin order to achieve high rankings for that particular keyword.

Put Primary Keywords First For Good SEO

They also mentioned the importance of placing your most important keywords first.

If you’re trying to rank for “attorney boston”, then make sure you have that keyword at the front of the title tag, if at all possible. Don’t just write in your company name.

If anything do the primary keyword FIRST, then insert your company name after.

Here’s a great video from the folks at SEOMoz on the importance of title tags:


Don’t Get Too Long Winded

The first reason is that Google will only display the first 70 characters,because if you go too long they get truncated and your visitors just won’t see them. So, keep those title tags shorter than 70 characters.

If you go longer than 70 characters, then the search engines will display results with an ellipsis – “…” to indicate that a title tag was too long and was cut off.

So in conclusion, make sure your title tags:

  • Contain your primary targeted keyword
  • Are at the front of the title
  • Keep the whole thing under 70 characters

And if you do all this, you’ll make your site far more search engine friendly.

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