Why Blogging Is A Big Waste of Time

seo bloggingEveryone tells you that “you just HAVE to start blogging”…


You say two things in response:


“I don’t have time…and second, why the heck should I?”


You’re right, blogging IS a big waste of time.


But only if you just blog without a purpose.


The problem is that most people blog all wrong because they are not SEO blogging.


Its a proven fact that to get more traffic, more leads and more sales, you need to do “SEO blogging”. This is blogging with a purpose.


It’s blogging with new business in mind.




It all starts with the story of “the longtail”…


Why The Longtail is So Important for SEO Blogging




SEO blogging is important because of the long tail keyword

image credit: www.gabehoggarth.com


Maybe you have seen this graphic before. Perhaps not.


Its pretty famous…it set the world on fire a few years ago with Chris Anderson’s famous book The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More


This graphic is the main reason why SEO blogging is so important.


In our previous post on the importance of keyword research, we talked about creating a website structure that focuses on “pillar content”. We used and example or two of “pillar content” using focus keywords that best represent the ideal customer. Write pillar content around those keyword phrases to build your website so you have a solid and logical website hierarchy.


What Are Long Tail Keywords?


A long tail keyword is an extremely targeted keyword phrase that typically contains 3 or more words. Sometimes it contains the ‘head term’ with other modifiers.


  • Short tail or head keywords: lawyer, real estate, dentist, tickets, cookies


  • Long tail keywords: personal injury attorney providence, how to flip houses with no money of your own, how to fish the Cape Cod canal, sales manager training for sales managers in Boston, homes for sale in cedarville ma, what mobile marketing strategies work best, designer wedding cakes in CT

SEO blogging fills in the rest because the more SEO blogging you do, the more “long tail” keywords you show up for in the search engines.

Let me say that again:

The more SEO blogging you do, the more “long tail” keywords you show up for in the search engines!

SEO Blogging: The Longtail vs. The Short Tail


Did you know that 20% of all searches in Google have never even been searched for before?


That is an incredible statistic.


Its estimated that long tail keywords represent 70% of all website traffic, so ignoring them and ignoring SEO blogging…you are missing out on 70% of all the website traffic you could potentially get!


How do you get that 70%?


SEO blogging.


Here is a graphic to show why:



image credit: www.gabehoggarth.com


When you do SEO blogging and not just “blogging”, with each blog post that is targeted and framed around your “pillar content”, you continue to add more and more and more and more and more and more and more to the longtail of your website.


And you start to capture the 70% of traffic you are missing!


Here’s a cool video by Ryan to show you how to do it:


YouTube Preview Image


If for some reason you cannot view it, click here.


So start SEO blogging now. And of course, if you need help, let us know.

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