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SEO for dentistsSecuring new dental clients is a lot like dating.  If you think about it, a dentist really has one shot at making a good first impression.  It is sort of the same thing as meeting a first date for a drink or cup of coffee.  You have one afternoon/evening to make sparks fly or your date is going to continue searching for their “perfect” mate.


Same goes for a dentist!  If you don’t come across as an empathetic, expert, professional in your field your new dental client is going to continue searching for that “perfect” dentist. SEO for dentists can help you with all of this.


If you are  a dentist, remember that your first impression usually occurs well before your client is sitting in your dental chair.  These days, most folks search online before calling up a potential dentist.  Therefore your first opportunity to make sparks fly is – you guessed it – with your website.


Problem is that many dentists (and countless thousands of small business owners) have template driven, generic websites that scream boring.  These historic sites were built and then just left to sizzle away while more sleek, attractive and customize-able dental websites came onto the scene.


On top of that, many dental websites were built with the expectation that traffic and qualified leads would magically pour in.  This is not the case.

SEO for Dentists | How to make your website work

The old adage “build it and they will come” does not work with dental websites, or websites of any sort for that matter.  Today’s online environment is ultra competitive, especially the dental niche, which means a lot of work goes into gaining traffic and attracting visitors to your dental website.  Much more work than simply building the site in the first place.


Building an attractive dental website is the 1st step.  To be honest, it is really the easiest step in the process of creating a website that attracts patients, qualifies patients and gets them to pick up the phone.


An effective dentist website accomplishes the following:

  • The site appears in places online where potential patients gather – this is absolutely critical for gaining traffic
  • The site pre-qualifies visitors for your services – this will dramatically diminish HR time spent on the phone screening new patients
  • The site compels the visitor to pick up the phone and call/email/submit contact form
  • The site makes it easy to capture leads and keep track of potential patients so you can follow up and keep in touch with people who may become patients down the road


So how can you build a dental website that achieves all of the above?  It actually may be far easier than you think, granted you have the right tools at your disposal.

SEO for Dentists

1)  Traffic

SEO is short for search engine optimization.  Search engine optimization is the art of creating a website that ranks high in the search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) for keyword phrases your prospective patients are querying in the search engines (for example “best dentist in Massachusetts“).

Being found in the search engines begins with having high quality, on page content that targets keyword phrases potential patients are typing into Google, Yahoo etc.  High quality on page content is a must, however it is just the first step to ranking well in Google.

Creating the authority that search engines require to rank well is the next step.  Please ask your web designer about creating off page authority for SEO before they begin work on your site.  The majority of web designers do not have this knowledge and expertise to rank your site in the search engines – although they may claim they do in order to get the job.

2)  Keywords

Affordable SEO companies will help you distinguish what keyword phrases will bring you ideal clients, while also helping you discover what keyword phrases you must avoid.  Targeting the wrong set of keyword phrases will bring you the wrong set of customers – this is critically important.

3)  Lead Capture

Understand that despite having the best dentist website in the industry, most prospects will still not pick up the phone and call you.  Therefore you must have a system in place to capture lead contact information.  This system must help you stay in touch with these prospective patients, so that your dental firm is top of mind when they decide to make a decision and actually call a dentist.

SEO for Dentists in the Year 2013

The online medium already is the most heavily used medium to distinguish which dentists are better than others.  This fact will only strengthen throughout 2013 as more people take to the web to find the best dental practices in their community.

Having a weak online presence will hurt your dental business now.  However the impact that a weak online presence has on your business will exponentially increase in 2013.  This trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

If you need to improve your online presence then there is no better time to start than right now.  Taking action NOW, will place you ahead of the game in your chosen niche, and ultimately put more qualified patients in your dental chair.


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