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Last week we spoke about how dentists can boost their patient base by implementing certain specific and strategic wed design and SEO techniques into their overall online marketing plan.  The great thing about that post is that some of those same techniques and strategies can be successfully used in other medical fields and niches.

Doctors’ offices are in particular a prime beneficiary of a solid online marketing and SEO plan.  These days there is a growing trend of “checking out” your doctor online before scheduling an appointment and reading online reviews before choosing a primary practitioner.

With more health plans allowing consumers to choose their own doctors, it is vitally important to have your online reputation and visibility in a place where you want it to be.

SEO for Doctors | 4 Strategies to Boost Your Business

There are many different search engine optimization and online conversion strategies that we at Antares Enterprises use when dealing with clients.  However to further simplify how SEO can positively affect your doctor office’s bottom line, we have converged our strategies into 4 main focal points.

1) Understanding

It is critically important for us (and any SEO firm for that matter) to spend time researching and analyzing your business.  Having a firm understanding of your specific doctor specialties, client base, geographic intricacies and anything else that impacts your business is an absolute necessity.

A solid search engine optimization firm will accomplish this by talking directly with you, spending time with you on the job (if necessary) and keeping you “in the loop” on marketing and SEO progress and strategies.

Here at Antares we also spend hours scouring Google for keyword phrases and opportunities that exist online for your specific medical niche.  Not only can we help enhance your current marketing efforts, but we can also help you discover and create impactful strategies that produce long term results.

2)  Action

Once a firm understanding of your current SEO standing and positioning in your particular medical niche is established, the next step is to take action.  What components of your doctor website are limiting your Google ranking goals?  How can they be corrected and improved upon?  Do you need more quality content to convince potential patients that they should choose you as their primary care physician?  Does your website convey empathy and trust to a potential patient considering surgery?

After your main website is brought up to par, it is then time to attack off-site issues that may be impacting your business.  An expert search engine optimization company should be able to provide you with an analysis of where you currently stand and how you can improve your online visibility by correcting and implementing new off-site strategies.

Examples of off-site SEO strategies include:

  1. Guest blogging and blog commenting
  2. Link network building and expansion
  3. Article writing and directory submissions
  4. Video creation and strategic sharing
  5. Utilizing social sharing networks and content distribution systems
  6. Citations creation and monitoring (absolutely ESSENTIAL for ranking well in Google Places)

The list goes on and on…

3)  Analysis

Most of what SEO firms do for clients is “behind the scenes” type work.  In other words when a builder builds your home, tracking progress is as simple as driving by the property to see if the roof has been completed.  With SEO it can be more challenging for a client to see and track progress.

SEO companies that know their stuff understand the value of keeping the client “in the loop” on progress, achievements, marketing milestones and of course-unexpected mishaps.  Here are some questions to ask yourself after hiring a search engine optimization company:

  1. Was I informed where I stood from an SEO and online marketing perspective before SEO work began?
  2. Do I know each week what my SEO vendor will be doing to specifically impact my website?
  3. Am I being shown exactly what work was done for my website at the end of each week?
  4. Am I an integral component to the success of my online SEO marketing plan, or do I feel like an outsider, unsure of what is going on?

4)  Teamwork

You may not have any knowledge at all with regards to SEO and online marketing, however you should still feel as if you-the doctor-are an essential member of your “SEO Team.”

Any sound and effective online SEO marketing plan was created with the client at the center.  You know your medical practice better than any company out there, so YOU may very well be the most important ingredient to online marketing success.

Having a team concept is essential to the success of most SEO plans.  At Anatares we recommend that you speak with as many SEO vendors as necessary until you find the firm that makes you feel as if you are an important member of their team.

See you on the 1st page of Google!


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