Super Local SEO | Why David Always Crushes Goliath

Super Local SEO | Why David Always Crushes Goliath


Super Local SEOGoliath sized companies like Apple, Amazon, Home Depot and Best Buy dominate the search engine rankings for broad-based keyword phrases like “iPad 3”, “Contraband DVD”, “Maytag UltraFit Range” and “Droid Razor 4G”.


These companies possess enormous national reach and are the titans of the search engines. They have million dollar contracts with large SEO companies paid to get them and keep them at the very top of the search engine rankings for these keyword phrases.


When it comes to super local SEO and super local search though….these Goliaths all of a sudden become weak a wimpy…easily defeated in the search engines by the super local SEO Davids.


The Super Local SEO David


Sure, the big chains have the multi-million dollar marketing and advertising budgets to rank for virtually any keyword phrase they want, but without a super local presence, they fight an uphill battle to earn prominent rankings on local and even super local search queries.


The because the Goliaths lack what the local David have namely: a physical presence with local clients generating a local reputation.


For the non localized search results, Goliath often wins.  However, with super local geo-targeted search, like “where to buy a Droid Razor in Plymouth” David (the super local SEO business) has an enormous advantage over Goliath.


However, there are so many local businesses that consistently fail to take advantage of this enormous advantage – because the do not fully utlize “super local SEO“.


The only problem facing David, or smaller local or regional based businesses, is that they don’t always utilize local search best practices consistently with their online marketing efforts.


For many local business they may fail to utilize the dual power of the two most important tools for super local SEO success.


  •     Local Submission
  •     Local SEO


The Power of Local Submission in Super Local SEO


Many businesses that focus on local or regional areas like real-estate agents, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, general contractors and local retail businesses are extremely well-positioned for local search engine optimization road due to their physical address and local telephone number. These markers cement their connection to a particular town, city or region.


Google Maps and Google Places are ideal for solidifying this connection, while gaining excellent exposure for organic super local SEO searches. Every local business should make it a priority to create an accurate and complete listing in Google Places and Google Maps. When you submit your business to Google Places and Maps, there are a few things you will need to consider:


  • Make sure you have a local number and a local address (and not a P.O. Box), setting up Google Places is relatively easy to do.


  • Depending on where the searcher is entering the query into Google, Google always considers both relevancy and distance into consideration when serving up a result. So it’s extremely important to make sure that your business’ submission is attached to the most appropriate business listing category and has the most current address as well.


  • Don’t just stop at Google Places, there are literally hundreds of other directories you can submit your business to as well. Start with Yelp, Yahoo Directory and MojoPages…there are many more to consider as well.


Super Local SEO Goliath Beaters


If you are a local business the best and easiest way for your customers to find you is to simply create relevant content on your website around the towns and localities that you service. There are a number of things you should keep in mind as you craft your super local SEO campaign:


  • Create Town + Service Pages: I was doing some research for a local client and found a painting company in southeastern Massachusetts that ranked either number one or number tow for each and every phrase associated with “painting contractor + town name”. He dominated the search results for theses keyword phrases because he had simply taken the time to write pages on his website specific to the town and to his special service that he provides in that specific town.


  • Get Super Local in Your SEO: When targeting local towns and municipalities, don’t just stop at creating pages on the town, especially if there are other neighborhoods or villages within the town that people know and may even search for, get even more super local. For example, in the town of Bourne, Massachusetts, there are no less than six villages in that one town. A savvy real estate agent in this town may create individual webpages that show her expertise not only in “bourne real estate” but in “pocasset real estate”, “bournedale real estate”, “sagamore beach real estate” and all the other villages contained within the town of Bourne. THIS is super local SEO at its finest…


  • Create Relevant Local Links to Your Pages: In many cases, simply creating highly search engine optimized landing pages may be enough. But for most keyword phrases, especially in large municipalities like Boston, New York and Philadelphia, you’ll need more. In order to gain higher search engine rankings, you will also need backlinks to your pages to give them both relevance and authority. This can be done by article submission, content syndication and building relationships online with other sites that are relevant to your content. To build an even stronger link network, explore other relevant link opportunities from other sites which operate within your town. You may even want to write an article on your website that touts their importance within the community. A local real estate agent may for example write a blog post about the beauty of the local beaches and parks, then email the town to see if the town website will link to their site.


The more strong geo-targeted and highly relevant links you attain when optimizing for super local SEO search queries, the more it will help you to gain the trust and confidence of your local buyer, all the while gaining much needed authority from the search engines.


When you combine relevant super local SEO with local directories, you will soon dominate the first pages of research results for search wueries most relevant to your products and services.


The Importance of Social Signals in Super Local SEO


Increasingly, the impact of social markers on super local SEO is playing more and more of a crucial role in being found in the search engines. The importance of Facebook Likes, Diggs, Stumble, Tweets and Google +1s are becoming increasingly important in super local SEO…its not just for the big Goliaths anymore.


We are increasingly seeing these “social markers” playing a more and more important role in the search engines ranking algorithms, especially Google.


So for local businesses looking to perform well with super local SEO, you should make sure that you have Google +1, Facebook Like, Retweet and Digg buttons prominently displayed on your website. This is especially important on blog posts that can be shared, liked and stumbled all over the Internet.


If you follow these best practices, you will make sure that your business remains competitive while helping your primary customer find you for the search queries most relevant to your business. Of course, if you need further assistance, we are available to help you as well.

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