Uber Organic Local Search Engine Optimization

Organic Local Search Engine Optimization

uber-local-organic-search-engine-optimization-car-crashFor local businesses, there has never been a more important time to have a monster local search presence on the Internet.


Of the 3.5 billion searches done on the Internet every single day, 100 million of them are for uber local services. And those searches are being found because of uber organic local search engine optimization


Yes…100 million!


What is uber-organic local search engine optimization?


Its anything you don’t have to drive more than 10 minutes for.


With that in mind, the importance of uber organic local search engine optimization and the correlation with buying decisions have never been more important for businesses to not only survive but beat the pants off the competition


That’s because when people are most in need of a specific service or product, the vast majority of consumers go to the Internet for answers.


The very same holds true for businesses who need services or products.


Of course, the best way to get new business is through personal referral, but that’s not always possible at all times. That’s why the Internet is so powerful in helping to make important buying decisions when you’re most in need.

The Organic Local Search Engine Optimization Car Crash


Let’s say that you live on the west side of Plymouth, Massachusetts and you’ve been the victim of an idiot Massachusetts driver and got in a fairly severe car accident. Although you were not seriously injured, you did sustain some minor injuries.


Knowing the way it goes these days, you are not so sure about the other person in the other vehicle, so you decide a good thing to do is to find a lawyer in case you’re sued. Uhg.


Your neighbor, brother, cousin, neighbor’s brother’s cousin isn’t an attorney, so like most people in need of a solution to their problem, you go to Google to search an attorney who may be able to help you out.


You typically conduct your Internet search in the following way:

1. Fact Finding – National


You go to Google and type in the search term “lawyers”. You find some information on attorneys and lawyers in many websites with great information, but they are from attorneys on the other side of the country and not in your general area. You might read up on what kind of attorney you actually need and come to the realization that you may need a “personal injury attorney” or a “car accident attorney”.


At this point you are in the initial “fact finding” stage of your search, but getting smarter. In the fact-finding phase, you enter very different keywords than when you are about to make a commitment to one particular solution or one particular product.

2. Getting Closer – Regional


Having realized that you need to get more specific, you then conduct a subsequent search on“car accident attorney”.


You see a few lawyers who are in your general vicinity, but it’s not specific enough quite yet and none that you would like to use.


This kind of search indicates that you are starting to focus on a specific kind of attorney and are getting closer to the buying decision.


What you are really looking for is a car accident attorney whose in your local area, not far driving distance from where you are and not one from 50 miles away.

3. On The Right Path – Local


As you move further into the purchase cycle – you now realize that you need to search with local modifiers such as: “car accident attorney Plymouth”.


You see the top results are for lawyers in Plymouth, England and deciding that you don’t feel like hopping on a plane to cross the Atlantic to see your new-found attorney you decide a good idea is to add the modifier “Plymouth, Massachusetts.”


With the addition of “Plymouth, Massachusetts” you’re now on the right path.

4. The Uber Organic Local Search Engine Optimization Payoff


Because Plymouth is a big town (one of the biggest in Massachusetts) and you don’t like to drive all that much (understandable)…partially due to the accident…you may even take it one step further and go for the uber local search by typing in car accident attorney west plymouth massachusetts”.


You find a car accident attorney right down the street from you who looks reputable, has a nice website and most importantly shows up in the top three Google results.


Because he shows up on the top of that page, then they must be pretty good.


You call them and request a face-to-face consultation.


You have just come face to face with an “uber organic local search engine optimization” Google search.

The Importance of Uber Local Organic Search Optimization


When a searcher enter into the Google search box terms like “town + service”, this signifies the searcher is really actively looking for how they can take immediate action.  The is is uber local organic search engine optimization. From our example here, multi-word queries (car accident attorney), and searches with really specific geo-modifiers (West Plymouth, Massachusetts) like this one here, continue to increase every single day.


Although the amount of people searching for the term “car accident attorney Plymouth, Massachusetts” is relatively small; with only maybe a handful or so searches for that exact term per month, the important thing to remember is that a search such as that is extremely specific to a need that requires immediate attention.


If you’re a business where your service is required in an emergency, this is especially important.

Uber Local Search Engine Optimization For All Businesses


But you don’t have to be a car accident attorney to fully harness the power of organic local search engine optimization. One of the biggest developments in organic local search engine optimization is the need for customers searching for such mundane and everyday services as where to eat lunch.


With the explosion of mobile Internet search and smart phones capable of delivering immediate results to users local organic search engine optimization has never been more important for any kind of business… not just car accident attorneys


As we look forward, organic uber local search engine optimization will continue to be an extremely important part of any businesses long-term viability, especially in the era not only of “I want it now” but AND “I want it 5 minutes from me”!


This means that all businesses , not just local ones will need to optimize their websites for location-based queries, as well as the more broad-based non-location queries.


So if you run a locally based business or service, make sure you are optimizing your website or at least deeper pages within your website for these long tail geo-targeted keywords in order to maximize your organic local search engine optimization.


Because if you don’t…you could have an organic uber-local search engine optimization car crash on your hands.

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